Rockford Bay Weather

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

lat=47.5045, lon=-116.8760, elev=2209.8 feet

2015-04-25 03:52:00 PDT

temp: 37.7°F
wind: 0.0" mph 309°NW heading
humidity: 71.1% last
(temp-dewpoint): 6.5°F last
rainfall: 0.00" last hour 0.00" last day
Period Mode Date
Temperature Plot (no data in range (Apr 18 2015 Apr 25 2015))
Barometer Plot (no data in range (Apr 18 2015 Apr 25 2015))
Humidity Plot (no data in range (Apr 18 2015 Apr 25 2015))
Dewpoint Plot (no data in range (Apr 18 2015 Apr 25 2015))
Anemometer Plot (no data in range (Apr 18 2015 Apr 25 2015))
Wind direction Plot (no data in range (Apr 18 2015 Apr 25 2015))
Rainfall Plot (no data in range (Apr 18 2015 Apr 25 2015))


  1. The data goes back to 2008 but the weather station has been moved around the US several times, so it doesn't all represent the same locality. It was first set up in North Bend, Washington (in the mountains east of Seattle). In 2011 It was moved to Columbia, South Carolina. In April 2012 it was in Spokane, Washington. Around the end of September 2012 it was moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where it is located today.
  2. 2012-10 the humidity measurements became noticably higher than reasonable — sometimes exceeding 100%. It appears from the data that the humidity sensor sensor (26.A450B6000000) became unreliable towards the end of September. I replaced this humidity board and added an additional more accurate temperature sensor on 2012-11-4 (around 1pm PST). Previously, the outside temperature measurements were taken from a sensor (10.0F6094010800) collocated on the humidty sensor board. Temperature values recorded from an identical board located indoors were consistently about 3 degrees F higher than an adjacent stand-alone temperature sensor (10.6D6F6B010800). The difference appears to be due to the proximity of the integrated sensors to a DC voltage regulator used by the humidity sensor which generates some heat. It should be possible to estimate this bias and back it out of the historical data. These differences have now been compensated for in the device tables so that the historical displays are more accurate.
  3. The reed switch in the rain gauge went out sometime in the Fall of 2013. The outfit that retrofitted the Rainwise gauge with a 1-wire interface was very good about sending me a replacement reed switch. I was not nearly so good about getting it installed and working properly. The long stretch where there is no data isn't because we were having a drought...
  4. There is a long stretch of data from March to late September, 2014, where the barometric data was recorded incorrectly (I was fussing with the configuration while trouble-shooting the rain gauge and had it recording the temperature off the board rather than the A/D voltage which is converted into pressure. The data is worthless so I filter it out.
  5. Added the anemometer and direction sensors on 10/20/2014. Also replaced the rain gauge which continued to act up even after the reed switch swap. Must be an issue with the counter.
Check out this live vector-flow wind map.
A discussion on how this weather station is set up can be found on this page .