• These pages are generated by a Lisp (Hunchentoot) webserver through an Apache proxy, both hosted on a VM slice located somewhere in South Carolina. If you're looking for Linux hosting with a live helpful person on the other end, Dave Steinberg is your man.
  • The robotics page was a test of an auto-page generation tool I wrote for image-based webpages. The idea is to enable people that don't understand markup languages to generate and maintain photo-based websites by editing config files with a simple syntax. It is more difficult than point-and-click flickr type interfaces, but more powerful as well. See make-photopage for details.
  • I still have a few old static HTML pages from the nineties, but most of the site is now written in Lisp which generates my HTML on the fly. Something like this is obviously necessary for the pages which serve realtime data, but the main advantage is being able to write HTML (ick!) much more quickly in a decent language, as well as being able to reuse my code again without starting from scratch each time.
  • I am experimenting with this site all the time, so things are occasionally broken. By all means, if you see something wrong, drop me a line.
  • There are a few pages requiring SSL for connection. These use my self-signed SSL certificate which I never registered with one of the third-party signing agencies — and don't intend to after I found out what they charge — way outside my fooling around budget. The certificates work fine and so will SSL. Your browser may whine about it is all. Its telling you is that:
    1. My cert isn't unrecognized by any third-party signing authority,
    2. It's probably out of date,
    3. The name may not match, since I'm lazy and using the same cert for several subdomains, it can only match one of them.
    Don't get excited. The secure-socket-layer still protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. (at least it does again now, since the big exploit was discovered and fixed).