I am an electrical engineer and applications-developer living near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
If you are interested in discussing a project I can be contacted at address.
My resume can be found here.

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LAN Scanner Scans LAN for live IP addresses (for when you're too lazy to connect to your cable modem
Xradio2. Simple xmms2 UI to manage a list of internet radio stations
ptctrloop Code for a multithreaded robot control loop [2012-10-04]
Robotics A small autonomous robotics platform to use for experiments with SLAM
Weather Live data from some 1-wire weather sensors.
Motion 1 Simple motion detection from image sequences (contains elk captures).
Motion 2 More advanced motion detection using morphological filters (uses dev version of cl-png).
simplot A technical graphing package for Common Lisp
quaternions A CL package implementing 4-D quaternions I used to do some orbit calculations for a client.
cl-who-ext An extension I wrote for the cl-who package to make pages like the ones on this site.
modemon CL code to read and log the analog input and output levels of a Comcast cable modem and plot the results (a client had a service dispute). [2009-10-19]
sudoku A fast arbitrary size sudoku puzzle solver written in Lisp. Compare with a Matlab solution in the Sudoku Challenge
zebra A CL solution to the zebra puzzle (also called "Einstein's Riddle") [2013-09-07]
mortcalc A simple loan calculator written in Lisp with what-if capability to do trades on early payoff strategies. [2009-12-03]
99 problems Common Lisp solutions to the first fifty or so of the 99 Prolog Problems . [2009-11-24]
light The spectral properties of various light sources measured with a home-brew spectrometer. A odd light sources thrown in as well.
CamelCase A comparison of readability using Shakespeare as a text.